About us

Our agency specializes in escorts that have large breasts. Cleavage is most attractive when it is prominent and accentuated through low cut clothing which exposes the division and neck line. Aside from functioning as a mammary gland which can produce milk, breasts also play an important role in female sexuality. A woman who is naturally busty, without surgical enhancement, is especially regarded as particularly attractive.
These women are well suited to mammary sex, also known as breast sex, where the woman will use her breasts to stimulate the penis of her male partner, usually by placing it between them, where he can thrust up and down until ejaculating. If the penis is long enough, the woman may be able to lean down and lick and suck on it while this occurs. Women can also orgasm if their breasts are sensitive enough.
When women become aroused the size of their breasts will increase and their nipples will harden and become erogenous zones. They can be stimulated and pleasured through kissing, caressing, licking and even light biting. Our agency is based in Louxembourg but our ladies are available for travel around the European Union.